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Committed to Quality, Schedule, Budget and Safety   

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Warlyn Construction is dedicated to satisfying the construction needs of clients with varying building requirements. We pride ourselves in completing projects on time, on budget and with the highest level of quality, care and commitment.

Warlyn Construction Ltd. has been serving the Ottawa area since 1987.

  • McNeely Engineering Cumberland
    McNeely Engineering Cumberland
  • Muliigan Centre Barrhaven
    Muliigan Centre Barrhaven
  • Conservation Co-Op - Mann Ave.
    Conservation Co-Op - Mann Ave.
  • Lyon and Laurier
    Lyon and Laurier
  • Main Street Towns
    Main Street Towns
  • Centre J Urgel Forget
    Centre J Urgel Forget
  • 211 Second Ave Condo
    211 Second Ave Condo
  • Beaver Lincoln Mercury
    Beaver Lincoln Mercury
  • Edgewater Centre
    Edgewater Centre
  • 500 St Laurent Blvd
    500 St Laurent Blvd
  • Battlefield Equipment Rentals
    Battlefield Equipment Rentals
  • CitiWest Motors
    CitiWest Motors
  • Blue Heron Co Op Homes Kanata
    Blue Heron Co Op Homes Kanata
  • Rideau Centre
    Rideau Centre
  • 450 Churchill Avenue
    450 Churchill Avenue
  • Orleans Cumberland
    Orleans Cumberland
  • 240 Centrum
    240 Centrum
  • DSEL 120 Iber Road Fit Up
    DSEL 120 Iber Road Fit Up
  • Douglas Street Townhouses
    Douglas Street Townhouses
  • Union Mission Kitchen Renovation
    Union Mission Kitchen Renovation

30 Thorncliff Place, Nepean, Ontario, K2H 6L2, TEL 613-729-8300, FAX: 613-729-9013

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